Farmers’ Market at Sunset

When I was a child growing up in South Hill, VA., I remember a farmer who would bring fresh vegetables from his garden into town to sell to local residents. We called him “Butterbean” Jones. It was a good name, because I can remember it after all these years. Some 40ish years later, the town now has a new pavilion for farmers to sell their produce.

I was reminded of this story as the sun settled over the new Farmer’s Market pavilion while making photographs of the new structure, nestled in the center of this vibrant town in Southside Virginia.

As nice as the structure is, it was a challenge to photograph. A combination of five exposures were captured as the sun set in the western sky to achieve the desired results. Passing clouds overhead produced a nice contrast to complete the composition. Now all we need is fresh vegetables this summer; Mr. Jones would have been proud.

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