The Artist’s Date

I have found through the years that to maintain a “creative spirit”, an artist must “replenish the well”. Those who create know the challenge of maintaining a fresh approach to their work and remaining enthusiastic for each project. If we spend all of our time creating, we can become artistically exhausted.

Several years ago, I was encouraged to read “The Artist’s Way”. One of the main goals of the study was to take the time as an artist to replenish our creativity. Many times, I will take a walk with a camera to “see”; not for a client but for myself. Some of my favorite photographs have come during these times of “just for fun” and enjoying the beauty of creation and the handywork of our Creator.

I also take the time to appreciate work by other photographers, painters, the visual arts and music. One of our favorite Sunday afternoon diversions is the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts: VMFA. What a wonderful resource for the arts. We will grab lunch in the cafe within the museum and then visit an exhibit on a regular basis. We have recently taken in works by Picasso, Tiffany’s, and most recently a wonderful exhibit of photography by Alfred Wertheimer, featuring beautiful black/white photographs of Elvis before he was a household name. Wertheimer’s eye and technical ability are evident in the many photographs taken over a very brief period of time leading up to Elvis’s growing fame.

We were first introduce to the museum when we were children by my Great Aunt Frances Harris. I remember my sisters and I spending the week with her in the summer. During our visit, our first stop was the library to pick up a couple of books to read. We then spent the rest of our time seeing the many sites around Richmond, including the capital and the museum and of course the Fire Museum on Churchill (I’m sure that was for my benefit and not my sisters)

Frances would be proud to know we are now members of the museum she first introduced us to when we were children and the roll it plays in helping to maintain our creative energy.

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Image © Robert Harris Photography
Image made w/ Leica d-lux 3 camera

“The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts: VMFA

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