Bright Horizons

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The above photograph features Evan Moss in an environment that he feels is very much a part of his life during his years in high school; the soccer field. The challenge was to offer Evan a photographic perspective that would highlight one of the activities he has excelled.  Even though it was a beautiful day with an awesome sky, the existing light was a real challenge to pull it all together. Relying on natural light alone would render Evan’s features in deep shadow and offer little detail in his face. To bring the illustration together, we pushed an abundance of metered strobe light into his features remotely triggered off camera while a polarizing filter added punch to the already beautiful sky.  Laying on the ground with a 17mm wide angle lens, the dynamics of the composition were completed by the soccer net that provided an additional layer of meaning to the visual story.  Photography is always about light; in fact its very definition is “light drawing.”  The other necessity of this portrait was providing Evan with a fun experience in the process of creating a photograph that illustrates “his” personal story…Great job, Evan….

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