Happy Mother’s Day

Image © Robert Harris Photography: all rights reserved

The above portrait captures the Daniel family in a recent portrait. We have had the pleasure of photographing them since Nathan who is now five was born. What a special five years for Jennifer and Brian. With three beautiful children in your lives, you are truly blessed with a most special gift. Enjoy the coming years, even the bumps and bruises…

From a personal perspective, being a parent of young children is always rewarding, but not always easy. As I look back on Wanda and I raising our children, I sometimes joked that it took years off of our life; but I truly feel we get that time back, plus a few extra…The other observation is how fast the years have gone by with our children.  Along the way, I made pictures to document the years. Many were snapshots or fun moments that captured our lives together in various ways.  The pictures contain all of the emotions from tears of frustration to the joy of accomplishment. I’ll post a few favorites in an upcoming post.

One special constant in our childrens lives has been their mother.  I know what it is to be a Dad, but I never will take the place of Wanda. Even the pets seem to end up in her lap…. I guess the motherly vibes come naturally…

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the women who are celebrating their family! What a special day for so many special women…


BTW, if you don’t know what to get for Mom, we know she will enjoy a gift certificate to go toward a nice portrait of “her” family.  We will wrap up a nice gift for you to give her this weekend; just give us a call….



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