Katie’s Norman Rockwell moment

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Image © Robert Harris

There was a time when our daughters were growing up when they felt the camera was just a normal appendage of my arm. They were really never aware of my Nikon loaded with Kodak Tri-x black/white film. One of my favorite moments in Katie’s life was her visit to the doctor’s office prior to her entering kindergarten.  For those who remember, this was the visit where eyes were checked along with the  height, weight, etc. Of course the dreaded highlight of the visit was the array of shots that were given at the end of the regimen. Katie had just turned five and was fully aware of the coming pricks and pokes. My favorite image from this visit was not the shots, but the “Norman Rockwell” moment that occurred as Katie stood on the scales, shoes off and a drawing in hand. Carrie, Katie’s  older cousin by a few years,  had given her the  personalized “art” to look at and distract her during the “critical moment.”  I remember Carrie telling her, “Look at this while you get your shots and they won’t hurt as much!”  Katie held onto the drawing during her entire visit…  Nothing about the resulting photograph is planned or arranged and fully captures a defining moment in my daughter’s life.  This image is framed in my office next to a favorite of Ashley in her childhood.  Thanks to this photograph, I’m able to appreciate this “slice of life” almost every day.

Along the way there have been other defining moments that have come and gone. Some I have captured with my camera, others are appreciated in the recesses of my mind.  Fast forward sixteen years and Katie will now be turning 21 in a few weeks.  I look forward to the coming defining moments that will come in her life… Happy 21st birthday in a few weeks; Katie!


Before the Shots

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