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Our perspective in life is largely influenced by the environment in which we live and work. My personal perspective is photographing happy  children, loved and embraced by their families. The photograph above depicts the other reality of children that grow up in an abusive environment.  Although we may know of others less fortunate around the world and in our own city/town, they largely go unnoticed and are sometimes forgotten.

Last month while photographing South American projects for Meal a Day, we had the opportunity to visit a home for abused children about an hours drive outside Bogota, Colombia (a city of 7 million people).  Walking by a room full of bunk beds, a young boy about three years old sat quietly in his bed. He had just arrived at the home a few days before and was not feeling well. His digestive system was still adjusting to the “luxury” of regular meals. It often takes several days for a child to adjust to a normal diet after living a life of poor nutrition in their previous environment.  Food is never wasted, every morsel is consumed.

The resulting photograph captures some of the loneliness a small child must feel as they are separated from their family and adjust to a new but safe environment. In contrast it was great to see the children that had been residents of the home for some time, well adjusted and going about their daily routine. My perspective now holds great respect for those caregivers providing love to these children and a healthy environment; helping to break  the cycle of abuse.

To find out more about Meal a Day visit: http://www.cmadfa.com/




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  1. Bruce Parker

    Robert… Even though I was there and saw this with my own eyes, seeing it again through your eyes is powerful… moving. I find it very humbling to know you donated 3 weeks traveling, plus more time and lots of expenses to make these images happen. What a loving and generous thing to do. Thank you.

  2. Jacob Shepherd

    It’s True, I Have Been Dreaming

    Jesus fashioned me into a tiny baby from a lump of clay.
    It was a work of art of course and became what I am today.
    He breathed His own breath into my lungs and sealed it with a kiss.
    When I close my eyes I feel his touch, nothing gets better than this!

    The life He gave me at that time has been mine for ninety years
    And during that time He’s guided me away from many earthly fears.
    That’s not to say for sure that my life has been entirely free from sin

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