Life in the Andes Mountains of Peru


                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Images © Robert Harris Photography
Life in the high Andes Mountains of Peru is ruggedly beautiful.  The people who inhabit these beautiful mountains live much as their Incan ancestors did hundreds of years ago.
Basic shelters made from Adobe (earth and grass) are the homes of these indigenous people. Life is not easy, however smiles seem to come quickly.
The hearty souls who call these mountains home, live at altitudes often well above 14,ooo feet. At these elevations, each step requires effort. Despite this, the basic mode of transportation is walking.
The diet of these mountain people is eighty percent potatoes. Crops are planted to the very edge of sheer cliffs and are maintained with meticulous care with basic hand tools to till the earth.
At high elevation, the air always carries a winter chill: both adults and children wear sandals to cover their feet.  There traditional clothing is brilliantly colorful and  handmade; easily visible on the vast landscape.
(The resulting images were made during my visit to South America with a team from Meal a Day to bring basic healthcare to remote areas of Peru and visit projects they are helping to fund in the Southern Hemisphere.)


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