Robert Harris is an accomplished portrait artist who has been recognized for his talent and creativity in the discipline of photography. Known for his ability to “paint” light with his camera as well as a paintbrush, Harris blends the realism of photography with the artistic quality of painting, making his work unique and highly sought after.

Receiving a “Master of Photography” from the Professional Photographers of America”, Mr. Harris is recognized among the elite artists in North America. His work has been exhibited at Epcot Florida and has received several Kodak Gallery and Fujifilm Masterpiece Awards. He also recently accepted an invitation from the American Society of Photographers to be included among the nation’s finest.

Teaming with his wife Wanda, The Harris’ create privately commissioned portraits and photographic art for private homes and commercial use. Many businesses also commission the artist to create portraits for their boardrooms and lobby areas.

“We are deeply humbled and grateful for the talent we have been given, and consider it our privilege to share it with others.”